GiliSoft DVD Ripper Free

GiliSoft DVD Ripper Free

This free but powerful tool is both a DVD ripper and a DVD audio extractor
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This free but powerful tool is both a DVD ripper and a DVD audio extractor. The program supports nearly thirty of the most popular video and audio formats for the output. Besides, you can choose from four types of output – main content copy, video files, ISO files, and DVD disc. And these are but a few of the many features of this tool.

GiliSoft DVD Ripper Free allows you to load your movie from three different sources – a DVD disc, a DVD folder, and a DVD ISO file. The program includes a panel to list all the titles of your movie, including thumbnails. You can choose your desired audio and subtitle tracks on a title basis, and select only those tracks you want to have extracted and converted. Besides, the program includes a built-in media player, which allows you to play back your selected title and to capture snapshots as PNG, JPEG or BMP image files.
The most helpful output type is probably "video files", which allows you to select and configure the output format, be it audio or video. Once you have chosen one, you can open the "Output Settings" window to tweak the audio and video parameters. You can do this in either a basic or an advanced mode. The basic mode simply allows you to select the video quality and resolution, as well as the audio quality and the number of channels. In advanced mode, on the other hand, you can deal with parameters such as the bit rate, the aspect ratio, the video and audio codecs, the audio bit rate, and others.

Finally, the program offers other helpful features. For example, it allows you to merge two or more of your resulting video files together, or shut down your PC automatically once the ripping process is over.

In conclusion, GiliSoft DVD Ripper Free is a comprehensive and rich tool which offers a very good set of features, especially when taking into account that it is a free tool.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Supports all most popular audio and video formats for the output
  • Allows you to load your movies from DVD discs, folders and ISO files
  • Includes a built-in media player
  • Allows you to capture snapshots of your movies
  • You can configure the output settings in both the basic and the advanced mode
  • Allows you to merge two or more of your resulting video files


  • The program's visual design could be more colored and attractive
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